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Tennis For Free

The ‘Tennis for Free’ in the Parks scheme is run by The Parklangley Club and is part of our community work. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy tennis, regardless of their age, background or ability.

For a small annual fee players may obtain a fob which allows access to the courts themselves as well as an online booking system. We maintain the courts to our own high club standards. We also operate coaching programmes and tournaments on these courts.

The cost from April 1st 2017 is £17 for the whole family for one year. There will be a small increase every 1st April thereafter to allow for increased costs. The Tennis For Free scheme is open to everyone, not just Bromley residents. It represents outstanding value for money so do take advantage!

Please note our ‘Tennis for Free’ in the parks scheme is independent of any nationwide scheme.

Apply Online Now!

If you prefer you can print the application form and send it to us via the post.

The Tennis For Free scheme is run by The Parklangley Club and is part of our community work. We co-ordinate all the bookings, coaching and all other activities. Whether you are a beginner or an established player, this scheme is here to encourage you and your family to play tennis.

The Tennis For Free scheme is open to everyone, not just Bromley residents. It represents outstanding value for money so do take advantage!

The cost from April 2017 is £17 for the whole family for one year. There will be a small increase every 1st April thereafter to allow for increased costs. The month you join is the month you will renew the following year.

By completing the application form you and your family will become Tennis for Free members of the parks in Bromley and be able to book and play tennis at the parks listed.

You will be sent a welcome email and a ‘fob’ to gain access to the courts. You will then be able to book and play tennis 7 days a week, 365 days a year, free of charge whilst your membership lasts.

In the past few years, hundreds of thousands of pounds have been spent on the courts to bring them up to some of the best parks’ courts in the country. We will continue to maintain the courts to these high standards.

We have a court entry system to ensure that only Tennis For Free members have access and that, where possible, we can ensure that only tennis is played on the courts.

In addition to offering you free tennis courts we are also offering you and your family the opportunity to have three free coaching lessons. This offer is subject to conditions listed later on.

We also hold adult club sessions at Willett Recreation Ground and Croydon Road Recreation Ground where you can turn up and ‘mix and match’ with other Tennis For Free members, all free of charge. Please note you must be over 18 to attend.

Each summer we run a free adults’ tournament in singles and doubles and we do encourage members to enter. You’ll be emailed details at the appropriate time.

If you sign up for Tennis For Free we will make your family British Tennis Members or if you are already British Tennis Members, we will add the parks’ sites as one of your ‘Places to Play’. This is a membership scheme run by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).

The membership is free if you belong to Tennis For Free. By being a British Tennis Member you will receive emails from the LTA telling you about various events, and you can also access the members’ area of the LTA website. With this membership you will also be eligible to enter the Wimbledon ticket ballot we hold each year for members of Tennis For Free. If you would like more details of the British Tennis Membership scheme please go to

The method of payment is by direct debit. Your membership fee lasts one year from the month you join and covers your whole family. This is a rolling membership. Before we take any money on renewal we send an invoice to the email address that is on our system. If you did not want to renew then you merely let us know before the deadline on the invoice. If you do not cancel your membership when or before you receive the invoice we will renew the membership.
How do I book a court?
Once you are registered, you login on this website – you can see the login link at the top right of every page. It is also possible to phone the Club but we request that you use web booking system, if possible, as we are not staffed to receive lots of calls, especially on Sundays and during the evenings.

Will I receive a fob for each person in the household?
No. You only have one fob per household. If you would like more, then you must pay an additional £10 for each one.

Who can book courts?
Anybody who has become a Tennis For Free member of the parks.

Is the membership an annual fee?
Yes it is. We will invoice you prior to your renewal and send it to the email address you have on the system. If you wish to cancel the renewal
you need to email back stating you wish to cancel the membership.

How do I change my details such as my email address?
Log on as if you were booking a court. Go to My Details and then to Membership or Emails. The email address listed here is the email address to which we send all correspondence and renewal invoice.

Can I view my account online?
Yes you can. As above, but go into Account Details. You can see your invoice and open up to see the details. You can also see any payments out of your account and the date it occurred. Please note this can only be viewed when the lead name of the family is logged on.

What happens if I cannot pay by direct debit?
On the very rare occasion where someone is not able to pay by direct debit we will accept payment by an alternative method but you have to pay £50 and join for three years.

Once we have joined, do we have to pay court fees?
You do not pay court fees. Court usage is free. The only exception to this is if you play at Willett using the floodlights. You then need to buy the floodlit tokens.

How do I arrange to play under floodlights?
You contact the Parklangley Club and we would make you a floodlit member. This is free but you have to agree to some bylaws. You will be sent a letter explaining how you get access and how you purchase the light tokens.

How do I cancel a court?
You cancel on our website or, if you booked by phone, please phone The Parklangley Club. Even if you cannot play, say half an hour before, please cancel, so other people can book.

What happens if the fob is lost, stolen or does not work?
The Parklangley Club will not accept any responsibility for fobs as we have no idea how they have been treated. If for any reason you require a replacement fob, you will need to pay £10.

Do we have just one password for the household?
To make things easier we are issuing just one password per household, but we add the first unique letter of each member of your family’s forename at the end of the password, so each member you list may book courts in their own name.

How do I get free coaching?
Free coaching is available to anyone not already on our coaching programme. Free coaching is only available to Tennis For Free members and can be accessed only once in three years. You will be emailed when coaching is being offered.

How do I join in a club session?
If you wish to meet other people and play social tennis in a ‘mix and match’ group why not join our organised club sessions. Please note that these sessions are not suited to complete beginners. You should be able to serve and return a ball in a match play situation. They are also not open to under 18s. Please contact the club if you are interested in these sessions. Contact

What happens with the information that I put on my application?
We put your details on our computer system and this allows you to book courts. We have a computerised booking system that enables us to track all the bookings. We also use the data to make you a British Tennis member – this is free. You will receive regular newsletters informing you what is going on and send you emails detailing any particular offers we have for the Tennis For Free members. We do not sell or give our database to anyone.

Croydon Road Recreation GroundTime
Saturday (4 courts)10.00-12.00
Willett Recreation GroundTime
Sunday (4 courts)10.00-12.00
Wednesday (2 courts)10.00-12.00
Players of all standards are invited to join this friendly league at all four locations.

These leagues are exclusive to Tennis For Free members, and are run independently of The Parklangley Club. There is a small entry fee for these leagues, cash prizes and free tennis balls when you play. Matches are are played at times that suit the individual. For more details please go to or email

Each year we hold a free Tennis for Free summer tournament exclusively for Tennis for Free adult members (over 18s).

The tournament starts in May and finals day is held in July. We have five categories in this event: men’s singles; ladies’ singles; men’s doubles; ladies’ doubles and mixed doubles. Winners are presented with a cup, and trophies are presented for all competing in the finals. This event has grown each year and is a great way of playing competitively, and enjoying ‘playing the sport’. You’ll be emailed full details at the appropriate time.

  1. The fob for the gate access must not be passed on to other households.
  2. Only tennis may be played on the courts. Football or any other activity is forbidden.
  3. Courts may be booked up to two weeks in advance.
  4. You may only book a maximum of two hours per family between 4pm and close weekdays, and 9am and 6pm on the weekend. Except Willett Rec where it is from 7.30am on Sundays.
  5. The 10 minute rule: If a member booking a court fails to show during the first 10 minutes of the booking then another member may claim that court on site. Although the court will not be booked in the user’s name, the original booker will not be able to displace the new user. This means that if all the courts are booked, then someone can turn up at the courts with a list of the changeovers and see if a court becomes vacant and unused for the first 10 minutes.
  6. Courts not required must be cancelled – we reserve the right to suspend members from booking if you do not show (weather excepted).
  7. There will be a £10 charge for a new fob if needed for any reason, including loss or if it ceases to work. There is no guarantee on the fobs.
  8. Floodlights are available only at Willett Recreation Ground. You must abide by all rules governing the access to the courts during the evening.
  9. Suitable clothing, including tops, must be worn at all times.
  10. Only appropriate court shoes should be worn. Shoes should be clean of mud and have no spikes or studs.
  11. If, for any reason, two people think they have booked the same court, please phone the Club. The person whose name is on the computer will be the person allowed to play, even if the fault lies with a mis-booking by The Parklangley Club. We can only apologise for any misunderstandings or mistakes.
  12. You are expected to conduct yourselves so that others are not offended by your behaviour, language or other activities.
  13. Our staff have the right to ask any person mis-using, or behaving antisocially on the courts to leave. Our staff have the right to work without abuse and members must comply with all instructions.
  14. The Parklangley Club reserves the right to cancel any membership of any person who does not abide by the T&Cs. This will be carried out by cancellation of the fob. No refund will be given.
  15. Members must maintain a direct debit mandate with the Parklangley club otherwise the right to book courts will be withdrawn.
  16. The Parklangley Club reserves the right to alter the rules, in the interest of its members, at any time.


Croydon Road Recreation Ground

  • Courts: 8 full size / 4 mini tennis red
  • Surface: Hard
  • Floodlights: No
  • Park Facilities

Kelsey Park

Kings Hall Road

  • Courts: 4
  • Surface: Hard
  • Floodlights: No
  • Park Facilities

Willet Recreation Ground

  • Courts: 6
  • Surface: Hard
  • Floodlights: Yes (2 courts)
  • Park Facilities

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